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#AMMConnect Bio

Hello there! This is my hastily written #AMMConnect Bio since I didn’t even know it was a thing until tonight! A few things about me:

  • I’m trying to stick with writing under a pen-name, so I go by H.A. to the general inter webs.
  • I’ve been writing for 16 years!
  • I love pets, Pokemon and puns.
  • Ironically, I love alliteration.
  • I have a B.A. in English and I took as many Creative Writing courses as possible while in college.
  • I love superheroes, magic, complex female characters and anything and everything fantasy.

About my writing:

  • I write mostly YA, though I’ve tried my hand at adult SFF (but failed because wow the formulas are so much different and more complex), and most of what I write ends up being a weird mishmash of genres. Primarily I write fantasy, though it dips into science fiction, horror, and adventure.
  • I wrote my first story at age 10 on a single piece of paper about a girl who finds a mirror with a boy living inside and I haven’t stopped writing since.
  • I’ve written 6 complete (but unedited) manuscripts and many half-hearted attempts. My first novel I wrote at 12-13 and it clocked in at 100k. I’ll probably rewrite that one in a few years.
  • All I want when it comes to writing goals is to be able to walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf. As much as I’d love to become a best-seller, I’d just be happy to be moderately successful to show myself that I can really do this!

About my AMM novel:

The novel that I’m submitting for my AMM is a mixture of time travel, mystery and adventure; I call it sci-fi lite.

Indra Biron has always known what she would do with her life: become a death dealer like her father and help The Pendulum moderate and control the timestream. After a mission at P.T. Barnum’s first Museum in New York City, 1843, Indra’s father is arrested under false pretenses that he’s a traitor. Wracked with grief and anger, Indra puts together a team to help her prove her father’s innocence. With a time constraint hanging over their heads, Indra and her crew have to race against time, fight off rogue time assassins and face a mystery that gets bigger with each new clue.

This is a YA book, written on the fringe of an idea and turning into something unique and family centric. I purposely wrote a book with no romance and I’ve never been so pleased with a manuscript.

I think I’d make a great mentee because of my vast experience with writer’s workshops. I know how to talk about writing, how to receive and utilize critique and how to become fast friends with fellow writers. I really want/need a push to see that my writing is worthy of publication by someone in the field. I also know I need help with pacing, character development and clarity in my descriptions. I also need some help uh….learning how to talk about my work whether it be “tell us about your book in a single sentence” or even my query. I’m also pretty scared about entering the publishing world and would love someone by my side to help me find my way!

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