The 100: Rebellion (#4) by Kass Morgan

Just as a fair warning, this is the 4th and final book in a series! There will be some spoilers for previous books in this series!


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5)

Plot: In the final installment of the series, the hundred, the Colonists, and the Earthborns are all working together to create a new home for themselves. They’ve come down from the mountain and the woods to accommodate their growing population size. Everything is cheery and beautiful as they start a harvest celebration. A celebration that is suddenly attacked by brutal male intruders sporting guns, white clothes and mask-like faces. Among our favorite characters, Wells, Glass, Octavia, Eric (and also Graham) get taken, leaving Clarke, Bellamy and Luke with those who survived. As the storyline splits between the captured and those left behind we have Clarke, Bellamy and Luke making plans to follow and get their friends back amid the carnage left behind. Those captured find themselves taken to what was once the Pentagon, and are faced with the calm before the storm and their time is quickly ticking down. Will the hunting party be able to get to them in time?

Review: I bumped this down half a star for only one fact: yet again, just as things seem to be going perfectly well, some new obstacle comes along. I mean, I know that’s how plot works, but the show takes this to an extreme that has me so tired, especially when my favorite characters are involved. Anyway, like book 3, this was a bit more fast paced, and there was once again a face to put toward a protagonist. When the white-clothed men showed up I thought we were going to find something similar to the Mountain Men of the TV show, but I was taken by surprise about what actually happened! I don’t want to spoil it, but trust me, it’s really weird and takes a surprising turn that had me hooked.

I was glad to see that Glass had a little self-growth in this book, as she’s felt pretty stagnant this series. Wells continued to be a good strong character, dealing with the grief of losing Sasha and his father but also gaining a family in Bellamy and Max. Clarke always stayed true to herself the entire time, and yet she made some mistakes as any 18 year old would do when put through these circumstances. I was glad that they addressed Bellamy’s PTSD, even though after a while it was sort of tossed under the rug, but the timeline within the pages was very short so it’s possible, realistically, that he’ll be dealing with it for years or the rest of his life.

It was a perfect little ending, with “surprising” characters showing that they didn’t need saving and showing just how innovative and powerful they could be on their own because a lot of them had been on their own most of their lives, OR they always had some parent around and were pampered. There was a nice mixture of side characters, Octavia got a little romance, and the ending tied up nicely with a bow (something the show could learn from *coughs*) that had me satisfied and content with the future of my beloved characters!


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