The 100: Homecoming (#3) by Kass Morgan

Just as a fair warning, this is the 3rd book in a series! There will be some spoilers for previous books in this series!


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Plot: The one-hundred convicts from space have been on earth for about three weeks now. They have a working community, there is romance blooming between Clarke and Bellamy and Wells and Sasha, and, as we learned in the last book, Wells and Bellamy are half-brothers! Things are starting to look up for the hundred until drop ships start falling from the sky, setting fire to the forest and disrupting the calm on the surface of the planet. As we’ve seen, most of the hundred were in jail for petty crimes, and yet, with the arrival of armed guards and Vice Chancellor Rhodes, the peaceful camp gets turned quickly into a prison for those who traveled to earth first. With Rhodes being a general shithead of a human being, he starts a war with the peaceful Earthborns of which Sasha is a part of, and doesn’t believe the convicts when they explain to him that there are violent Earthborns out there as well. Things get heated as Rhodes starts punishing kids for crimes committed on earth, and lives hang in the balance as our main PoV characters each take their own separate yet intwined journey.

Review: My, my, my rating for this book jumped compared to the first two! I’m not sure if it’s because of my frame of mind, or if this series is genuinely getting better. With the arrival of Rhoads and more adults, the hundred now have a physical embodiment of human evil to be their protagonist. Thus far the only protagonist of this novel has been faceless Earthborns and, on the space shuttle, the lack of oxygen. Having guards and adults around propelled the story forward with a momentum that hardly ever let up.

Clarke and Bellamy (#Bellarke forever, according to the Author’s Acknowledgements at the end!) are still going strong. Wells and Sasha are so cute it hurts, and Glass is becoming more tolerable as a narrator, though her single minded obsession with her boyfriend, Luke, is sort of tiring but very reminiscent of typical YA behavior.

One of my favorite things about this series thus far is that every character has stayed true to their characterization. Yes, they’re teenagers so they will grow with each new situation thrust upon them, however, as people I believe we have a default setting imbedded deep inside of us that doesn’t change and Morgan does an amazing job of keeping these characters in line. So many novels, especially series, start to see a slip in characters as it goes on, and yet this one is keeping everyone on an even keel that is unsurprisingly pleasant to read.

There is a sense of finality at the end of this book, but I know there is one more where lots of shit is going to go down, I am sure! I cannot wait to finish this series.

If anyone has read this, wants to read this, or has watched the show, comment below about what you think!


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